Norway is a never ending machine when it comes to producing quality metal music. In fact, it has one of the highest counts of metal bands per capita in the entire world. Steeped in legend, one can never be quite sure what metallic force will emerge next…

Azmaroth is that answer. Having formed last year, this band produces a solid sound just waiting to impact ears. Stylistically, they play a brand of Groove Metal which could easily be recommended for fans of Lamb of God and Pantera. The difference maker is that Azmaroth add in near mythological twists through their approach. The results may cause furious headbanging. All five members bring forth an important component, making this work.

They’ve been building towards the release of their debut album “Death Crowned King” since their emergence. This Summer allowed it to see the light of day! Clocking in at nearly 50 minutes, the 10 tracks held within will take the listener on a most metal trip. The LP is currently available for purchase over on Bandcamp!

You can listen to the entirety of “Death Crowned King” right here, right now! The album is currently streaming via YouTube. Give a listen and show Azmaroth some love if you enjoy the music they’re making!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp