8/9/16 UPDATE – Corey Taylor has responded to the attack from Deicide’s Glen Benton via Loudwire. He had the following to say:

“Out of respect to Glen and Deicide, I honestly don’t remember making a promise like that. I’m not saying someone else in the band didn’t say it. All I know is I didn’t. Being the singer I guess I’ll be the target. If he wants to talk specifics we’ll talk specifics. We take submissions for tours. I see them all. Deicide has never submitted for tours, that I can remember. He wants to be pissed at me, go ahead- get in line. Everybody’s pissed at me. But don’t talk shit on my guys- and don’t say shit that isn’t fucking true.”

Original Story – In a recent interview with Talk Toomey (via ThePRP), Decide’s Glen Benton had some rather unflattering things to say about Slipknot and Corey Taylor. You can look it over for yourself right here:

“Not to fucking bust balls, but I’ll bust balls. Slipknot: ‘Oh we’re going to take you guys out man, we’re going to take you guys out dude.’ Yeah blow me. That’s what I say to you. Fucking blow me Corey Taylor and all you fags. OK. ‘Oh we’re going to take Deicide out on tour with us and blah blah blah.’ Blowing air up our asses, back in the day You know what, you never did a fucking thing for us. You introduced us at a show once. Great thanks. How about a fucking tour? How about fucking helping us out a little bit? I mean we’ve only been doing this for several years. You guys were like ‘Dude you were what got me started.’ Well you know what, return the fucking favor. You know what I mean?”

“This is how they get away with getting out of having you on a tour. They offer you a shitty amount of money where it’s virtually impossible to do it, so you end up declining or cancelling or whatever the fuck and then you look the like the idiot.”

“I’m not trying to bust balls, but when bands like Slipknot and shit, they fucking… say they’re going take us out and shit… It’s just one big fucking puff of air up your ass. Not that I give a fuck about opening for them, you know what I’m saying? Because I don’t. I’ll tell ya this about our band, we’ve done it our way, we’ll always do it our way and the success we’ve achieved, we’ve earned every little bit of it. We don’t compromise, we’re not about to kiss corporate America’s ass so that’s why we’re still underground man.”

Beyond the rant, he also announced that Deicide is about to be tracking new music. To be specific, here’s what he had to say:

“Next month, September, we’re going to start tracking drums and guitars. And then I’ll start writing lyrics—I’m already started on most of it now. I’ve got an album concept already, got the titles, maybe the possible title track and everything. I’m telling ya man, Steve wrote. I really lit a fire under him man, and you know, Steve‘s responsible for writing a lot of our catchier shit. I really lit a fire under him this time and he wrote some really astounding shit this time.”

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