The time has come to behold the end. Or, rather, the time has come to behold some solid, steamrolling death metal. Denominate is a highly talented, five-piece Finland band delivering absolutely brilliant and heavy music on an apocalyptic scale. They take the soul of Death Metal and combine it with Progressive and Technical elements to yield some fantastic results. If you consider yourself a fan of extreme music, this band is most definitely worth a listen!

This month saw the release of their monster of an album “Those Who Beheld the End”! This serves as the follow up to the similarly great “Realms of Confusion” EP. Both of these releases demonstrate this band’s ability to craft a world, both thematically and musically. Pushing art to extremes, Denominate have the ability to transport the listener into an otherworldly trance.

“Those Who Beheld the End” packs in well over 40 minutes worth of quality music over a seven track spread. So, as one may imagine, these are not short, spoon fed affairs. Strap yourself in before you press “play”! Speaking of which, we’ve teamed up with the artists in Denominate to stream their new LP in full over on YouTube! You can scope this out just below. If you enjoy the music, it’s available to purchase through multiple packages over on Bandcamp. Stay metal, my friends \m/


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp