Equipose is an absolute monster of a band! Read over the members just below and you’ll see exactly why:

Stevie Boiser (Dissonance in Design, Tethys, Ashen Horde, Ex-Vale of Pnath) – Vocals/Lyrics
Nick Padovani – Guitars/Composition/Drum Programming
Zach Hohn – Guitars
Hugo Doyon-Karout (Beyond Creation, Brought by Pain) – Fretless Bass
Jimmy Pitts – Keyboards/Synths

What brings us here today is amazing new EP “Birthing Homunculi”. Not only is this a ripper of a Technical Death Metal record – This is great music for a great cause. Despite the “name your price” downloads over on Bandcamp, this is meant to be a charitable release for the Jason Becker’s Foundation and fighting Lou Gehrig’s disease. So, if you’re able to spare a few dollars, it will help a great cause. You can read over an impassioned statement from guitarist and composer Nick Padovani down below the stream:

I consider myself to be passionate about philanthropy. I’m also very passionate about music. That’s why I’ve decided to donate ALL money made from sales off of this EP, physicals, tabs, and t-shirts to Jason Becker’s Foundation.

For those of you that don’t know, Jason Becker is a renown neoclassical guitarist, commonly regarded as one of the best, if not the best of the genre. Unfortunately, in early 90s he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease; he was given three to five years to live. In 1996, he unfortunately lost the ability to speak, but despite his prognosis, Jason is alive and well and sharp as ever, communicating through a system rigged up by his father.

Without Jason Becker’s influence, many of the guitar virtuosos that we know and love wouldn’t be anything (at least that’s what I like to believe). I find it utterly tragic that a man of his talents was robbed of his ability to fully utilize his motor functionality. One could only imagine what spectacular compositions he would be working up on the guitar given the chance.

What I ask is that you donate your money towards a cause that lets a legend know that he is still strong on everyone’s mind. This man has shaped the way of modern guitar playing as we know it, and he deserves all the help and love he can get.

If you feel no desire to donate through this album, I take no offense and only ask that you donate directly to his foundation-
Even if you don’t donate to this foundation, what I ask is that you spend your money donating to a cause you feel strongly about. People don’t realize that their simple dollar donations they make can make a world of a difference to someone.

If you feel compelled to donate directly to his website or to another foundation of your choice, simply reach out to me on Facebook or email me at [email protected], and I will gladly give you a free download credit or just send you the audio files.

I strongly hope that this release catches enough attention to get people out there feeling good about making a difference. Remember that no matter how big or small, your positive actions will have a positive impact on this world!

-Nick Padovani


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp