Exploding out of Poland comes Fleshcold. This band has proven to have a sound that’s sharp as knives. This is impressive, especially considering that they’ve recently emerged as a musical unit. Sonically, they deliver a hard hitting cross between Progressive Metalcore and a modern Djent-type sound. This is brought about with no shortage of talent as the five members function together like a well-oiled machine.

They recently put out a dangerously good single in “Cryogen”. If this serves as any indication, Fleshcold is definitely a band worth wrapping your ears around. Upon hearing it ourselves, it only seemed right to directly promote the goods by spreading their lyric video around. It bears saying the visuals are wicked good too, complimenting the song like a glove. So, without further adieu, have a listen to “Cryogen” just below. If you enjoy the music, be sure to show these musicians some love and support in turn for their hard work.


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