Russia seems to be producing a vast number of excellent solo projects in recent history. Among the latest is Innernoir. Functioning as a singular unit, the man describes the work he does as “instrumental nu-metal with electronic and djent influences”. This music could easily be recommended for fans of Nemertines (who Innernoir performs a cover for) and just atmosphere soaked, heavy music in general. This is a well done, crisp sounding project all around.

There’s been music coming from camp Innernoir for years now but this month saw the release of a self-titled EP to tantalize the ears! With seven tracks and a runtime jumping over the 20 minute mark, this works as a solid introduction to what this artist has to offer. All the tracks function together like a well-oiled machine both sonically and thematically. This is definitely one worth checking out. And you’re in luck!

We recently teamed up with Innernoir to bring the entirety of his self-titled project directly to you! You can stream through the EP from start to finish right here, right now! What’s more – the record is currently available as a “name your price” purchase over on Bandcamp! That’s an incredible deal given the quality of the music. Show some support if you enjoy Innernoir!


Links: Facebook // VK // Bandcamp