Hold up! This might be one of the best releases in the entirety of 2016! And it all comes from the mind of a brilliant Slovakian individual. Here’s to Jakub Tirco on a job well done. This artist does a wonderful job of combining a modern Progressive Metal / Rock approach with a large number of other sounds to create an experience that is both musically lush and exciting. Just an incredible job all around.

This is exhibitioned through his Summer debut entitled “Introspection”. Working as an EP, Jakub brings a whole gamut of sound across the records ~20 minutes. This is served up through 4 brilliant tracks ranging anywhere from 2 to 9 minutes a piece. The record is currently available for an unbelievable “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! That’s an incredible deal all things considered. You can also grab it over on iTunes and stream at a number of locations.

Speaking of streams, we had the opportunity to team up with Jakub and upload “Introspection” over on YouTube. That being the case, you can listen to this brilliant EP right here, right now! As usual, show the artist some love and support if you appreciate the music!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // iTunes