Earlier this year, Misery Signals announced that they would be releasing a documentary. Now, the film is nearly here! It will be formally released on August 31st at the Portland Film Festival. A further, worldwide release will be coming later in the year. Here’s the official statement from the band in regards to all of this:

“We are pleased to announce that the premiere of the Misery Signals documentary “Yesterday Was Everything” will be next week at the Portland Film Festival. Filmed during the Malice X tour, the documentary follows the reunited original members of the band from Vancouver to Toronto as they struggle to reconcile a contentious breakup a decade prior.

The screening is August 31st, 8:15pm, at the Laurelhurst Theater in Portland Oregon. Tickets and info can be found at http://portlandfilmfestival.com/

A wide release of the film is planned for late fall 2016.”

For much more information on this project, you can CLICK HERE.

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