Here’s a talented and prolific band hailing from Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Working as a team, Roman Ivanov and Andrew Dron are known as The Crossed. They produce music that truly can’t be attributed to a single genre, alternatively defining themselves as “Experimental Mathcore”. In reality, their style spans even further than that, bringing in elements of Death Metal, Hardcore, Ambiance, and lord knows what. One thing’s for certain though – they do all of this very well.

And, clearly, they have their craft worked to a well-oiled system as they’ve dropped music often since their inception back in 2008. These guys literally drop an album or and EP almost every year! This work ethic is impressive to say the very least.

We had previously helped spread their album “Six-Fold God” with a full stream last year. Now, the lads are back with an all new single “Love of a Dead Man” featuring Artem Shestakov of Thundercats (HOOOO!). This comes strapped with what we’d consider to be a rare lyric video. It’s not common to see lyric videos outside of the English language, making this Russian lyric video all that more interesting to watch! See for yourself below. You can support The Crossed over on Bandcamp.


Links: Facebook // VK // Bandcamp