There’s no doubt that it’s been a rough stretch for The Ghost Inside. Soon, it will be nearing a year since the fatal bus / semi crash experienced by The Ghost Inside. And following the initial reports from that time and the critical conditions sustained by the musicians, we only came to know the true extent of the band’s injuries towards the beginning of this year. To put it simply, the injuries are very bad. To appreciate the full extent of this, you can CLICK HERE.

The latest step on the road to recovery comes from the band’s guitarist Zach Johnson who just underwent his ninth out of (currently) eleven planned surgeries. This time around was actually a sidestep to take of a hernia in his abdomen. The upcoming surgeries will be to target the healing of his right femur. The latest round came with two updates from Zach attached with the following pictures:

Headed in for surgery in 12 hours. This will be #9, along with 2 procedures so far. I have an abdominal hernia from trauma to the midsection. Not a huge deal in comparison, just getting it out of the way. After this I have 2 more procedures, and 2 major surgeries. Ugh, just have to get this shit out of the way. Here’s to laying around for a bit!

Done with surgery, went a bit longer than expected. The hernia was bigger and deeper than they had thought. Once again, something that could’ve been avoided had “the system” not taken so long. Either way, it’s done and out. Have some mesh implanted there now to prevent it from reoccurring! Going to take it easy for a week or two now.

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