This might be the best use of harmonics we’ve heard in awhile! The Surrealist have officially made their introduction as one of the most exciting and original bands to emerge in their field recently. Hailing from Boston, this is a two man band is weaving out a fresh, instrumental take on the Progressive Metal / Rock style that needs to be heard! For a truly in-depth description of what they’re up to, you can check out the official statement down below the provided video. It really hits the nail on the head!

Speaking of the provided video, The Surrealist just released an absolutely mind bending track as a quick introduction! Did I mention harmonics? I believe I mentioned harmonics. “Self Spiral” serves as single and a tasty appetizer leading up to the band’s impending EP “Naked Awareness” – due out September 17th! Limited physical and digital pre-orders are currently available to those who CLICK HERE.

Due to the awesome nature of what The Surrealist is up to, we’ve teamed up with the band to bring “Self Spiral” directly to you! Feel free to stream just below. The track comes strapped with an incredibly designed music video which follows closely to the artwork for “Naked Awareness”. If you enjoy the direction these artists are taking, be sure to show them love and support on their journey! It’s much deserved!

The Surrealist is an American Progressive band based out of Boston, MA. The band is composed of guitarist Roopam Garg and drummer John-Marc Degaard.

Synthesizing sounds from a multiplicity of genres—metal, jazz, eastern-fusion, ambient, and soundtrack—The Surrealist is a reflection of the new era of modern instrumental music.

The Surrealist paints upon the canvas of nature and operates on the endpoints of the spectrum of human emotion.

Featuring sweeping, whirling guitar lines that cascade over blankets of plush, droning soundscapes and intricate modulating polyrhythms, The Surrealist breaks new grounds and transcends the separation of genres, leaving nothing but a pure sphere of sound.


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp // iTunes