Despite the title, there’s actually a lot being done here. And all of that comes from a single entity – Vincent Moretto. This man is a hyper talented guitarist on the rise from France. In recent history, he’s become quite active on YouTube and in his general musical endeavors. Stylistically, he walks an instrumental line among Progressive Metal and “Nitendocore”, if you will. The results are absolutely fantastic as Vincent proves to have quite the mind for music!

His most recent release comes in the form of an EP known as “1st Player – Insert Coin”. This is a shred worthy collection of songs composed of brilliant complexity and a high level of skill. All in all, there are 5 tracks spanning a ~20 minute listening experience. The record is currently available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp! Get that!

In support of Vincent’s various endeavors, we opted to team up with the artist and bring his music directly to your ears. That being the case, we’re currently streaming the high energy, hard hitting track by the name of “Nothing Is Being Done”. This number actually opens up “1st Player – Insert Coin” and serves as a great representative of Vincent’s music. Have a listen!


Links: Facebook // Twitter // YouTube // Bandcamp