It’s always awesome when you come across a local act that shows a ton of potential.

Recently, I went to see the amazing Angel Vivaldi at a show in Tampa and one of the opening acts intrigued me greatly. It pumps me up when I see up and coming acts shredding and putting a show on like they’ve been running the stage for a while.

Alpha Decay took me aback when they started their first tune. With a lot of local acts claiming to run the gamut of heaviness and prog, I typically don’t pay too much mind to them unless of course they capture my attention nearly immediately. They pulled me in immediately with their awesome melodies and badass vocals.

I had to run to their merch table to grab their album after their set because it NEEDED to be part of my collection.

Delightfully prog-filled and entirely what I hope for when I listen to what I consider the epitome Progressive Metal; Alpha Decay is massively talented and I hope they go the distance.

I look forward to future releases and am glad to have added this album to my musical library.



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