If Poland has a shortage of anything, it certainly isn’t high quality metal music! Banisher has been wreaking havoc for over a decade now, putting out three full-lengths and a number of other releases in that time. Their style comes down to a driving Death Metal force to be reckoned with. Bolstering a high talent level, this musical unit functions as a well oiled machine designed to crush unsuspecting eardrums!

The latest Banisher album comes in the form of “Oniric Delusions”. This LP brings over a half hour’s worth of death, destruction, and delusion directly to the listener (of course, this is all meant in the best way possible \m/). Everything from the music itself to the production is brought forth with a sheen of professionalism as Banisher builds a twisted world for the mind to explore. Well done!

Upon hearing “Oniric Delusions”, we made it a point to get in contact with Banisher for the purpose of spreading their music. That’s precisely what brings us here today! You can now stream the album’s opening track “Axes To Fall” over on YouTube! Sans the intro. Straight to the metal. If you like what you hear, the album is currently available for purchase over on Bandcamp and you can also show love over on Facebook! Enjoy the music!


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp