In a number of ways, right now is quite the interesting time for metal music. The sound seems to be more accessible and widespread than ever thanks to the reach of the internet. That being the case, metal music has been popping up in places where it really hasn’t been before. One of the most interesting locations currently would have to be the African continent. You can see the music blooming across this landmass in ways it hasn’t quite before with new metal cultures coming into the light. For example, Botswana metal band Overthrust made one hell of an impression at Wacken this year, showing off their countries recent cowboy metalhead approach.

Another awesome example just landed in our inbox yesterday. Dreamcircle Records is the first African based Progressive Metal label. To be more specific, they hail from the nation of South Africa. Despite their placement, they’ve already been working on an international scale signing the groups Unprocessed (Germany), Crossing The Rubicon (United States), and Meek (South Africa). All of these musicians bring absolute quality music to forefront of this label.

Considering that Dreamcircle only recently launched on this trailblazing endeavor, it should be interesting to see what they do both for Africa and on a global scale. From what they had to say, it was clear that they have a lot of pride for their home and a lot love for the music with aims to support the artist. Feel free to have a listen to the current signees right here, right now!

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