Not to be confused with the other band or the book series sharing the same name, Hyperion is an excellent Swedish band with a massive sound. Their approach comes down to crossing elements of Black Metal and their local Melodic Death Metal. This sound matched with the sheer level of talent in this band makes for some great results.

This is put on display through their 2016 album “Seraphical Euphony” which consists of 9 tracks running a 50+ minute spectrum of sound. This serves as their debut full-length following nearly a decade of activity. What’s more- it carries a decade’s worth of practice and dedication making for a truly special product.

Unbelievably, the album is currently available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp via Black Lion Records! It’s recommended you take advantage of this offer while it lasts. This is certainly full quality music.

Furthermore, if you enjoy what Hyperion are doing here, show the band some love and support! It’s well deserved.


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp