Jared Dines had been on a roll for quite some time as a metal comedian. With nearly 900,000 subscribers on YouTube and generally releasing 3-6 videos a week, we was quite literally on the top of his game. So it came as a surprise to many about a month ago when he posted the following video:

Now, he’s back! Here are snippets from his explanation for leaving the channel for awhile:

“I’ve been going hard for about 2 years now. I was uploading 3-6 videos a week on my YouTube channel trying to grow it since the beginning. I think I just hit a point where I needed to step back and chill for a bit. There was a lot of stuff that I missed out on in my life, and I was just getting burnt out. So, it was either take a break and come back stronger or keep spiraling into shit. So I took a break.”

“My fans are everything. It’s because of them that I can do all of this. I hope that some people see me doing it without any label help and get inspired to make it on their own. I would never want to work with a label at this point. I did it on my own, and I’m so proud of that. You CAN make it on your own. You have to bust your ass, but you can do it. The big wigs don’t want you to know that, but it’s true. Just believe in yourself.”

Even while taking a month off, he was not idle in the least. He took the time to record his first solo EP to release any and all negative energy. It will be known as “The Dark”. Jared just released the first single “Demogorgon” in support of this:

Here’s what Jared had to say about the single and the process of recording his first solo EP:

“This song is really about being in a bad place and surrounded by all the things that bring darkness into your life. A mental state of despair and pain. The plot twist in the meaning is: instead of denying the darkness and the pain, embrace it. Feed off of it. Take control of it and use it. Don’t be afraid of the things that keep you awake at night. If you can’t embrace the pain in your life it will consume you.”

“I am most creative in times of loneliness. The past month of not making videos and my surrounding environment has made me focus solely on this release. It’s been a release for all the negative energy I’ve had built up over the years and it’s basically a funnel that I poured my heart into.”

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