ORO is an exceptional musical unit hailing from one of the international hot spots for metal music – Sweden. Stylistically, they combine their talents to deliver an intoxicating cross between elements of Sludge Metal, Post-Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal, and more. The results are absolutely breathtaking as this five-piece weaves together massive soundscapes and solid musical constructs. Having formed in 2014, they’ve proven their ability year after year with bigger and better strides on each release.

The band’s latest effort comes in the form of an EP named “Tusen Kroppar” (that’s Swedish for “Thousand Bodies”). This release takes the listener on a journey of sound and emotion through it’s ~20 minute run time across a three track spectrum. This includes everything from the nearly 9 epic of the title track to a great cover of Steve Von Till’s “This River”. Currently, “Tusen Kroppar” is available for purchase on Bandcamp for only €2 EUR ($2.25 USD). That’s a great deal if we’ve ever seen one!

Upon hearing the quality of this release, we lept at the opportunity to work with ORO which brings us here today! The entirety of “Tusen Kroppar” is now live and streaming over on YouTube with an animated video to boot. You can give the beast a listen down below. If you enjoy the music that ORO delivers, be sure to show these artists some much deserved love!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp