There’s something truly awesome emerging from Edinburgh, Scotland. StarSystems is a one man band bringing some excellent compositional skills and forward thinking to the table through his music. His weapon of choice falls between a merger of Progressive Rock and Progressive Metal in an instrumental format.

The man Joseph Stevenson has put out 3 releases over the past ~2 years. All three of these efforts are great to say the very least. They could easily fit alongside releases from contemporaries such as Plini and David Maxim Micic. And considering they only mark the beginning of his career, they sky quite literally is not the limit for StarSystems. Have a listen to this fellows work.

Last month marked the release of “StarSystems III” which was frankly incredible. We’re here to support it today with streaming the two part track “It’s Raining On The Moon”. Have a listen and grab the music over on Bandcamp! This artist fully deserves any and all support he gets!


Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp