This may not come as too much of a surprise. Born of Osiris have opted to stay on with Sumerian Records after fulfilling their contract. They’ve re-signed with the label for continued album and touring cycles. The band had the following to say of this move:

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to announce that we will be extending our contract with Sumerian Records,” says Born of Osiris guitarist Lee McKinney. “To be honest, it didn’t even need to be given second thought. We do business with family, and that’s what Sumerian has been for coming up on a decade now. I remember being in high school and over-drafting my bank account on plane tickets to get Sumerian to come out to watch us play a small suburb of Chicago in a VFW hall. I waited until my 18th birthday to sign our record contract and nothing was the same after that. It was the best decision we’ve ever made. Everyone we know in this industry in one way or another is thanks to the family that we call Sumerian. They were the first to believe in us, and we had the honor of being one of their first few bands as well.”

Sumerian Records owner Ash Avildsen had the following to say:

“Born of Osiris has been a flagship Sumerian artist for almost ten years now. They’re an integral part of the label’s brand and have helped pioneer a sound that is still getting bigger by the day. Most importantly, we consider them family and have shared countless unforgettable days and nights together. We cut this deal on a napkin in Atlanta at 2:00 a.m. inside a very uncanny building. Here’s to many more in the future.”

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