There always seems to be quality music coming out of Australia. Brave Today is no exception to this. They produce a very clean, very heavy, modern Post-Hardcore / Metalcore sound that’s sure to get pulses pounding and crowds moving. There’s no shortage of talent here as every member of the band contributes an important part of the final equation from the riffs to the beats, the vocals on top and the bass underneath. Well done.

This is also a very new band in the process of rolling out their first singles and videos. In support of their valiant efforts, we’ve teamed up with Brave Today in order to release and promote their new lyric video (practically a music video too!) for the track “If This Is What You Want”. So, if that’s what you want, be sure to check out the goods just below. We may very well be hearing more from these guys in the near future if they keep this up! Enjoy!


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