This is music void of mercy. These are the sounds of absolute, raw, crushing brutality. This is Defleshed And Gutted. Hard at work for several years now, this Texan five-piece are on a mission to make pulp of any eardrums that wander in their path. Needless to say, they’ve succeeded in this venture across several releases and now they’re ready to take the next step.

Currently, Defleshed And Gutted are gearing up to release an all new album “The Prophecy In The Entrails”. This monster of an album will be released upon the unsuspecting masses on December 9th! Be on the look out…

In support of the incoming LP, Defleshed And Gutted have released a brand new single by the name of “Sect of Inhuman Rituals”. You can stream this slammer of a track through the YouTube link just below. If you appreciate the sheer heaviness of it all, be sure to show this band some support \m/


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