We’re sad to report that a tragedy has stuck our community. Bill Bumgardner, drummer for the bands Lord Mantis and Indian, has passed away. He was only 35 years old. The impact that he left is clear through the statements of those who loved him along with his musical contributions. He will surely be missed.


Lord Mantis left the following statement in his wake:

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of William “Bill” Bumgardner – loyal friend, drummer for Indian, Burning Churches, and founding member of Lord Mantis. He passed away yesterday, October 9th, at 35 years young. All of us were incredibly fortunate to call him our friend and bandmate, and we will miss his humor and his unwavering commitment to his music. RIP, brother, you will be missed.

Likewise, former bandmate Ken Sorceron left us with the sad news:

Coming to terms with some sad news tonight. My ex bandmate, Bill Bumgardner, of whom I played with in Lord Mantis took his life today.

Our musical partnership didn’t end in the most pleasant way and I never got around to reaching out to bury the hatchet, which is sad.

My Sincere condolences to his family, friends and those who made music with him. I had some great times with the dude and those are the ones I’ll choose to remember.

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