The Ghost Inside drummer Andrew Tkaczyk’s road to recovery has continued to be a success. He and the rest of the band have further proven to be an inspiration to us all following the the fatal bus / semi crash that occurred last year. The latest update from Andrew comes in the form of an Instagram post of the man playing the drums, regardless of his lost leg. In fact, he’s currently learning how to work with a prosthetic to help do just that! He’s been pursuing this rhythmical recovery for a little while and the results are becoming more and more apparent as he learns to play with his right hip.

He had the following to say about this process, “Started off playing a little “Denial” influenced groove by Sevendust @morgan7d but then it just turned into nonsensical madness! Tons of slop in here but oh well. Trying to strengthen that right hip, and I’ve got a long way to go. I’ve been so excited to try this little Splash/Spiral stacker! Leave it to me to bend it the first time I ever play it. Thank you so much @zildjiancompany for the support and of course thanks to all my people @sjcdrums @vicfirth @remopercussion @64audio”

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