Avenge The Sin is a new band wreaking havoc from Queensland, Australia. Their sound is destructive and very much in the same vein as local contemporaries Thy Art Is Murder, Aversions Crown, and Boris The Blade. Their music is without mercy as it slams between riffs, blasts, and breakdowns.

We had our first taste of their great potential a bit back when they released the pre-production track for “Enthronement of a Tyrant”. Now, they’re gearing up for the main event as the release of the “Atonement” EP is right around the corner! It will be striking on December 1st. Pre-orders for the beast are currently available over on Bandcamp and Amazon.

In support of this, we’re now streaming a lyric video for the band’s latest track “False Awakening”! You can give this a listen just below. Furthermore, we’ll be premiering an all new Avenge The Sin track this Wednesday! Stay tuned…


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Amazon