Swiss melodic death metal outfit Dreamshade seem to have shifted more towards Rock for the release of their new album “Vibrant”. They’ve been releasing a number of singles in support of the December 9th release. The latest of these, “It’s Over”, just hit with a new lyric video today through the good people over at Loudwire. You can check this below along with the official statement and more recent music!

“It’s Over” for Swiss rockers Dreamshade. The band has teamed up with Loudwire to premiere its new single “It’s Over.”

Vocalist Kevin Cali told Loudwire this about the song: “Sometimes in life, you come across people who try to shape our character to their liking in every possible way. They want you to do as they say and many times they can confuse you to a point where you can’t understand who you are anymore. They try to exploit the weaknesses of others to hit where they know they will have the upper hand and complete control. It’s up to us to realize what is going on and stop it.”

“It’s Over” lives on the band’s new album Vibrant, out December 9 via Artery Recordings.

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