I am a very picky listener.

I know I am…

Something simple can mean the difference between me liking something, or never listening to it again.

Trust me when I say that the acts that make a lasting impression upon the musical regions of my brain have to really be awesome.

With that being said, I’ve listened to this album only just a few times, and without realizing it I am humming along with all of the vocal melodies now.

Well, the ones that are hummable.

Difficult to hum with screaming and growling without seeming like I am very very sick…

“Breathe” is a new release from Exist Immortal. From London, these fellas have put together something fantastic. With heavy riffage that dips into some technical passages, coupled with enchanting melodies lead by powerful clean vocals; we are left with a perfect amalgamation of light and dark.

This will get stuck in your head.

You’ll start banging your head in public without realizing it. Don’t worry; everyone was looking at you already.

Seriously though.

Give “Breathe” a listen.

I am really digging this album.



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