The Manhattan Project is an interesting band that’s neither based in Manhattan nor working on splitting uranium atoms. Instead, this Greek based band has been developing an Instrumental, Progressive Metal sound with a good deal of experimentation and modern sensibilities.

This band has sprung across our radar before but now they’re taking even bigger strides towards their new album “Engineering Chaos”! We previously supported this effort by streaming the single “Nuclear Sun”. Now, they’re back again with a brand new single / lyric / music video for the tracks “Day One: Trinity” and “Pragmatic”! Lyric video for an instrumental band, you ask? Yes! They were joined by Wardrum singer Yannis Papadopoulos on this venture and the results are fantastic! Give a listen and show this band some love!

Manhattan Project is George Constantine Kratsas (guitar), Leonidas Diamandopoulos (keys), Antoine Karpanos (bass), and Nikitas Mandolas (drums).


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Soundcloud