Welcome into a world of absolute brutality. Porphyric Hemophilia makes music void of mercy. To be more specific, this is the execution of a ruthless Mathgrind sound with a side of Slam meant to pummel mortals back to dust. Does is succeed? Absolutely.

This is shown through the debut release known as the “Gore-ilogy”. As the title suggests, this consists of three tracks based around a common theme – gore. You can listen to the entirety of this beast right here, right now! Simply hit the “play” button just below. We’ve teamed up with Porphyric Hemophilia for this very cause.

If you enjoy the sounds of execution, be sure to show some love (hate?) and support! The “Gore-ilogy” is currently available to own over on Bandcamp! Tabs for all the tracks are also available to those who check the YouTube description. Enjoy \m/

Links: Bandcamp // Soundcloud // Tabs