Rishabh has returned! This time around, he opted to conquer the Steven Wilson track “Perfect Life” using his trusty sitar! This was released as an exclusive through the good people over at Gear Gods. And, as to be expected with such a merger of talents, the results are hauntingly beautiful. You can scope out this video down below.

In other news, Rishabh will be releasing his debut EP with his band Mute The Saint this Thursday! Be on the lookout for some great and original music! To get a taste of what’s to come, you can CLICK HERE.

If this is your first time listening to Rishabh’s work, it’s highly recommended that you check out some more of his covers as well! You can find more by CLICKING HERE. Here at The Circle Pit, we were blessed to host his most extreme cover to date with Meshuggah’s “Bleed”. You can watch that right here.

Mute The Saint: Facebook // Twitter // YouTube

Steven Wilson: Facebook // Official Website // Merch