Looks who’s back! We’ve named Anxiety as our Artist of the Week and have teamed up with them once again. For those who don’t know, this Brazilian band runs a spectrum of emotion with their music. Stylistically, the sound comes across in an instrumental format that largely settles between Progressive Metal and Djent with a few surprises up the sleeve. All in all, this music is great and can easily be recommended to any fan of these styles.

The band recently put out their debut, self-titled EP. The record consists of four tracks fitting the bill described above. This happens over a just short of a 20 minute run with plenty of replay value to boot. The EP is currently available for purchase over on Bandcamp! If you enjoy the instrumentals, be sure to show Anxiety some love!

Last Friday, we had partnered up to release the music for for the track “Life”. Now, we’re back once again to present the track “Hope” with a full guitar playthrough! Feast your eyes on the talent right here:


Links: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp