Manhattan Project is an interesting band that’s neither based in Manhattan nor working on splitting uranium atoms. Instead, this Greek based band has been developing an Instrumental, Progressive Metal sound with a good deal of experimentation and modern sensibilities. It’s also safe to say that the talent level present in this band is through the roof. You never quite know what you’re going to get from Manhattan Project.

We’ve teamed up with this band in the past, bringing multiple singles including an awesome music / lyric video. Now, they’ve returned with the main event! The much anticipated “Engineering Chaos” album is here! The entirety of this is now live and streaming over on YouTube (look below) and available for purchase and further streaming over on Bandcamp!

The album itself serves as a great testament to what this band is capable of. Serving up 9 intricate tracks over 35+ minutes, it’s quite the listening experience with no shortage of replay value. Have a listen for yourself!

Manhattan Project is George Constantine Kratsas (guitar), Leonidas Diamandopoulos (keys), Antoine Karpanos (bass), and Nikitas Mandolas (drums).


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Soundcloud