Presenting… BIGFOOT DEATH METAL! Troglodyte is a heavy hitting band including none other than Mike Flores (Origin) in their ranks. There’s no shortage of talent to go around this musical unit as they bring a unique theme to their steamrolling sound. I had initially discovered Troglodyte over on Bandcamp and ended up binge listening through the pleasant surprise. There’s no doubt that this band is the real deal through and through. Good people.

They’ve been in action for years now, releasing three pulse pounding albums with plans in the works for more! The latest of these albums came in the form of the great “Anthropological Curiosities and Unearthed Archaeological Relics”. This is an absolute monster of a listening experience. If you’re a fan of the sub-genre, it’s certainly worth indulging in. You can find all of their music for streaming and purchase over on their official Bandcamp page.

Speaking of sampling the wares, we’ve teamed up with Troglodyte to bring some music directly to you! The track “We Eat Our Own” is now live and streaming over on YouTube! Give a listen just below and show some love to the Bigfoot Death moguls if you enjoy what they’re doing!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Merch