Great news from camp Converge! It would appear that the band is preparing to track an all new album this Spring! The band’s drummer Ben Koller had the following to say of his plans for the band along with his many other projects. The future is looking bright… or chaotic!

“Fuck 2016 but can’t really complain. Just finished recording albums with All Piges Must Die, Mutoid Man and The Armed, the new Converge album will start tracking in the Spring, and there’s whispers in the dark of a new Killer Be Killed album. Played a ton of shows all over the world with 3 bands that I fuckin love, did some electronic drum tracking with Room Sound, made some crazy videos with Mrs. Woman and got some Koller cam POV drum footage into the new Jim Jarmusch doc about the Stooges. 2017 is already gearing up to be more productive than ever. See you guys out in the wild world.”

In the meantime, here are some older tracks from these legends:

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