Let’s take things back to 1997 when Deftones released the album “Around the Fur”. Behind the scenes footage of the band’s shoot for the “My Own Summer” music video just surfaced online. The man who posted up the goods included the following descriptions of this gem with plans to add more information in the future:

Deftones performing on top of shark cages for the filming of their video for the song “My Own Summer” which was directed by Dean Karr. During this video, the band members were exposed to dark makeup, which was never an image the band portrayed during live shows and touring, just for this video. (Never Seen Before)

Real quick.. at about 24 seconds in, a small shark fin swims by Chino’s shark cage… then later at 4 min and 26 seconds in… Chino’s foot got stuck in the shark cage and he couldn’t pull it out… he stay in character as the cameraman in the water was pulling towards him for a close up… Chino stayed in character the whole time, even right at the end of the song when he pulled on his leg so hard that he lost his balance and ended up heading face first into the water & right at the camera’s lens! That end part where Chino falls in made the final cut of the video and is the ending scenes where Chino crashes into water & you see blue turn into red… Awesome of Chino to never break Character… more later

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