Devastation comes this way! Hailing from O carballiño (Ourense), Spain comes the might of a Brutal Death Metal unit! Going by the name of Upcoming Devastation, they deliver a high end metallic sound with no shortage of sonic violence and outright technicality. They’ve been honing their craft since their teenage years in 2009 and their advancement shows in a number of ways.

2016 saw the release of their latest EP. It goes by the name of “Trilogy of Human Decay” and was released through Hecatombe Records. In support of that, they’ve put out a number of videos.

The first of those videos is precisely what brings us here today! We’ve teamed up with Upcoming Devastation to spread their heavy sound. Consequently, we’re now streaming the music video for the track “Human Flesh” over on YouTube! You can give it a watch right here, right now:

Links: Facebook // YouTube