Absolute brutality awaits all those who proceed. Vermis Antecessor is a strong Brutal Death Metal unit who’ve been dealing damage from Spain for quite some time now. Their sound is intended to turn the listeners ears into a lifeless pulp as they make their way through the world of metal. This is essentially the musical equivalent of violence and we love it!

Vermis Antecessor have been putting out releases for years now and their latest comes in the form of the heavy hitting EP “Prelude To Perversion”. Packed with a number of pummeling tracks, this turned out to be one hell of a listening experience that may very well turn listeners onto the rest of their discography. The record is currently available for purchase over at the band’s official store.

We’ve teamed up with these musicians to spread their evil sound across the web. The title track from their EP is now live and streaming via YouTube for all those looking to be crushed. Enjoy!


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