Here’s a world premiere! Mantra is one hell of a band on the rise from the United Kingdom. We’ve promoted them before and we’re here to show off their music again. Just to reiterate, they deliver a sound that manages to be simultaneously modern and nostalgic while displaying a high level of talent. They do this by crossing elements of Melodic Death Metal, Thrash Metal, and even Metalcore in order to crush unsuspecting hearing apparatus. Upon listening, you should be able to appreciate all of this. This band really delivers in a number of ways.

Last Summer saw the release of their debut EP “The Withered World” through Fractured Mind Records. That being the case, the entirety of “The Withered World” is also live and streaming right here on The Circle Pit! You can scope this out down below.

In support of this, the band just released a new music video for the track “Our False Idols”! This is an action packed track including some truly awesome soloing between some gut punching riffs. You can witness this through the video, once again, provided down below.

If you enjoy the music as much as we do, be sure to show Mantra some love! Head over to the Fractured Mind Bandcamp page to pick this one up! Any and all support for Mantra is well deserved. Stay metal, my friends \m/


Links: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp