Sad news from camp Nile. After about 20 years in the line-up, guitarist / vocalist Dallas Toler-Wade has left the band. There’s no doubt that he was beyond a pivotal part of the line-up. The reasoning for his departure comes from a desire to make his own music. This is an exciting prospect in itself but does not soften the news around it.

In the wake of this, Brian Kingsland (of the band Enthean – LISTEN HERE) will be joining the band in his place. On the bright side, he is an extremely talented musician who will suit the band. Despite the circumstances, Nile have made a great choice here.

The official statement from Nile’s Karl Sanders can be found here:

“I would like to personally thank Dallas Toler-Wade for his many years with the band, and sincerely wish him well with his music. All of us in Nile are truly happy and thankful to be working with Brian. Not only is he a seriously talented Extreme Metal Guitar Shredder, but he has a great Brutal Metal voice, with a very versatile range. Brian is also a genuine , down-to-earth hard-working and motivated guy who has helped reignite and re-establish a sense of team work back into Nile. With the addition of Brian on guitar and vocals, the band right now seems to me a lot more like the early years of Nile- the classic Nile era when we were all functioning as a cohesive unit, in viciously brutal triple vocal attack mode. The mood in the Nile rehearsal room for the last 3 months has been focused and relaxed; with 4 positive, energized, hard working people all on the same Metal page. We simply can’t wait to share what we have been working on with Metal Fans on the upcoming Overkill Tour. Between the addition of Brian, and Bassist / Vocalist Brad Parris now in his 2nd year in the band , this line-up is going to crush skulls. Seriously, the last time I felt this strongly about a Nile line-up – was when George Kollias joined the band.”

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