RUMATA is a Berlin based band with a hard hitting approach to their music. They mix together a number of styles from Metalcore to Nu Metal and beyond to hook the listener’s ear. They manage to feel both modern and nostalgic in this approach which isn’t an easy feat to accomplish. This is a 5 man band where every member brings forth an important element to the overall sound.

They’ve been hard at work for a few years now, putting out a full-length album and an EP since their inception in 2013. The latest of these comes in the form of “MMXVII” (that’s 2017 in Roman Numerals) which appropriately saw the light of day with the turn of this year. This 3 track effort pummels the audience with a high energy approach. The record is currently available for streaming and purchase over on Bandcamp.

Upon listening, we opted to team up with RUMATA and deliver the EP right to your doorstep. That’s precisely what brings us here today. The entirety of “MMXVII” can now be streamed on YouTube! You can find the link for this just below. Enjoy!

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp