Hell yeah! The time for Thrash has come \m/

Bloodletter are an extremely talented band hailing from Chicago, Illinois. They play a high octane, brutal version of the sub-genre which could easily be placed among some of the best modern Thrash Metal has to offer. Consisting of four members, Bloodletter also aren’t afraid to experiment with the sound both sonically and thematically. The results are certainly worthwhile.

The band has put out a number of releases since their emergence in 2012. One could easily label them as prolific with the apparent abundance of effort put into the band. The latest of these releases comes in the form of an EP titled “The Darkest Reaches”. This is a cataclysmic venture into outer space guided by glaring instruments and crushing heaviness. The EP is also currently available for streaming and a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp!

To support their efforts, we’ve partnered with Bloodletter for a video stream! The lyric video for the EPs title track “Darkest Reaches” is now live on our YouTube channel! You can give a watch and listen down below. Show some love and support if you enjoy the music!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp