It would appear that Bolt Thrower are planning something. This follows their heartbreaking recent history of losing drummer and friend Martin Kearns, also known as Kiddie. They addressed the fact that his 40th birthday would’ve been March 7th and that they’re doing something in his honor through the following statement.

“Today would have been Kiddie’s 40th Birthday, it’s a day of sadness, but also of great memories, and we hope you’ll join us and raise a glass to an absent friend.

“We take comfort in the knowledge that his bloodline, and legacy as a father, will live on through his sons Leon and Max, his legacy as a man lives on in the hearts and minds of everyone who had the honour and privilege to call him their friend, and his legacy as an amazing drummer will live on through his music.

“But sadly due to various circumstances, Kiddie only ever got to release two albums with Bolt Thrower, despite being in the band for 20 years and playing hundreds of shows, and we owe his unswerving loyalty and drumming legacy so much more.

“This is a debt we’ll start to pay off soon…”

This also follows what appeared to be a break up for the band later on last year. While we’re not sure what this will amount to ultimately, it’s good to see Bolt Thrower still making waves and honoring their friend.

R.I.P. Kiddie

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