Here’s a solid metal unit on the rise from the beautiful reaches of Venice, Italy and surrounding areas. Rather than the peaceful scenery, From The Shores play out like a monster rising from the crushing depths of the sea. To put it simply, this band is metal as fuck. From their attitude and drive to the music itself, this is a very likable band. If one were to describe their sound more specifically, they could be dubbed as Death Metal with strong melodic touches. Ultimately, it makes for a very fun and satisfying listening experience.

The band recently launched their debut album “Of Apathy” on Metal Scrap Records. This packs all of the punch described above through its 10 tracks. Currently, the LP is available for purchase to those who CLICK HERE.

To support the album, we’ve teamed up with From The Shores to launch a world premiere of their music video “Primal”! You can scope out the goods just below. Show some love to this five-piece band if you enjoy their efforts! There’s plenty more music where this came from…

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