Abraham Sarache -known for producing intricate alternative heavy prog with the phenomenal use of the venezuelan cuatro as lead instrument is composing new songs after touring The Netherlands and Spain with his debut album “The Gardener” during 2016.

What started as Sarache’s solo project, today has evolved into an exotic, technical and emotional mixture, bringing the talented Garri Snowman and Tristan Turner onboard.

Snowman adding heaviness and precision to complex drum beats and Turner filling the low ends with a solid mastery and an experimental approach to bass guitar.

On this live video you can hear their first single from the upcoming EP “Kaleidoscope of Fears”. A song that combines nice time signature changes, bossa nova, raspy vocals & direct lyrics.

An interesting fact of this performance is that it was recorded at the Vondelbunker in Amsterdam that was originally planned as a bomb shelter when the Vondelbrug was constructed in the 1940s. The Vondelbunker is now run by a team of volunteers as a counterculture meeting place.

For fans of alternative & progressive rock.

Tour Dates

Hilversum, The Netherlands – June 21
Hannover, Germany – July 26

Links: Facebook // Official Website