Rock and Roll is a genre that has been around for a long while now and has since been shortened to rock and has spawned so many sub genres from it. That being said, RnR hasn’t died and Quasi Mojo is definitely keeping it alive. In 2017, this genre is definitely in the background, but their album “Apple Pies and Alibis” is bringing it back to the front.

If you’re in the mood to just jam out and have the gods of rock share a beer with you, this album is for sure the way to get that.

From Tampa, this three piece is cranking out the same amount of power you’d expect from a veteran group of rockers.

For just three dudes, they make a lot of noise.

If you’re into the feel of that old school groove, this album is worth checking out.

Though only a few tunes; every song is very well done and will have you fucking rocking out.

Seriously, give this a listen.

Few bands these days are pulling this sound off properly. Get your fix here.

– Logan

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