It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since the fatal bus / semi crash that incapacitated The Ghost Inside. The band has been hard at work piecing themselves back together physically ever since to continue doing what they love. All things considered, they’ve shown a wonderfully positive and inspiring attitude through it the entire process. We have nothing but respect for these guys. For much more information on their recovery process, you can CLICK HERE.

The latest news in this comes from The Ghost Inside guitarist Zach Johnson. He just had his 12th surgery following the incident and had the following to say:

“Surgery #12 is done. Not gonna lie, this one hurt like a bitch, but I hope it’s the last. Took out the metal rod in my femur, the screws in my knee. Drilled out some bone from my right tibia, used a new incision in the middle of my leg to fuse that bone where my break was. New metal rod through the femur, metal plate over the fusion, new/bigger screws in my knee and hip. Hoping my hospital stay won’t be too long! Thanks for all the well wishes.”

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