Are you looking for some large scale metal music? Look no further. Quadrus are here for you!

Since their inception a few years back, they’ve been crafting monuments of metallic sound out of their home in Athens, Greece. To be more specific, they do this by combining elements of Symphonic Metal and Progressive Metal with cinematic twists for your listening entertainment. This is a job they do brilliantly!

All of this and much more shows through their latest album by the name of “Entropia”! Through a runtime that lasts well over an hour, the listener can expect all sorts of aural adventure! Currently, the album is available for purchase over on Bandcamp as well as most major platforms.

Beyond that, we’ve partnered up with Quadrus to bring some brilliance into your life. The whole of “Entropia” can now be streamed through our YouTube channel! Feel free to press that “play” button right here:

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp