In the early years of The Circle Pit, when we first launched our YouTube channel, there was a particular record label that was great to us. With their support, we were able to host bands like Humanity’s Last Breath, Lies Of Nazca, Bury The Silence and more! They were also home to the monstrous talents of Means End, Synthetic Breed, Outrun The Sunlight and beyond.

That label is sadly no more. That being the case, we wanted to extended our thanks to the amazing people over at Rogue Records America and recognize the awesome work they accomplished in their lengthy run.

They’re currently emptying what’s left of their inventory. So, if you’d like to support them, you can do so by CLICKING HERE. Also, we invite you to support all the bands that were signed on the label as they continue to do what they love.

Goodbye, Rogue Records America. You will be missed and we wish you all the best!

Here’s a statement from the label’s owner in regards to this:

The end of an era… today Rogue Records America officially closes its doors and i move on to another chapter.

Any bandcamp orders will be shipped out by a third party until the inventory runs out. There will be NO support from Rogue from today onward

Carry on…and thanks for the fun times, the great adventures, the amazing music and the new friends I will forever hold closely to me. Its been a most insane 17+ years and i’ve learned a lot. made a LOT of mistakes…pissed off a TON of people but in the end…made history at least 3x.

sadly i’m too small for any real organization to take notice and give credit where its due…laters.

jesus I almost forgot and this is important

Everyone I’ve met. you all are just amazing peeps. online or in person, you’ve been class A all the time. I do hope you get your dreams in spades and that the sun ALWAYS shines on you


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