Here’s an awesome world premiere! Consisting of guitarist Luke Anthony along with vocalist Ryan Oliver and drummer Rik Poli, stands the new founded band Oculus! Hailing from Australia, this is a highly talented metal unit just waiting to wreak havoc on unsuspecting ears. To be more specific, they deliver a style of core music filled to the brim with both technical and melodic elements. In other words, expect riffs and the heaviness!

Their debut comes in the form of a single called “Names Without Faces” which just made landfall today! This comes complete with a lyric video combo which you can watch by pressing that “play” button down below. Furthermore, the track is now available for streaming and purchase over on the Oculus Bandcamp page!

If you enjoy the music, go show this band love and support as they forge into their bright career. Connect with them over on Facebook and follow along!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp