Ever have album art melt your face? Every once and awhile a band will create or commission artwork which is undeniably awesome, iconic, or inspiring. Sometimes it compliments the music in the perfect way, leaving a mark on the listener or maybe even music history itself.

Welcome to the Art Gallery. We’re gonna take a look at some really impressive art while listening to some great music in the process.

First off, we have the fan favorite “Planetary Duality” from The Faceless. Not only is this a great album jam packed with technical death metal majesty, it features some tantalizing artwork. The gaping maw of impending extra terrestrial doom stares into the eye of the beholder. It certainly makes an impression. It’s also probably safe to say this particular artwork also inspired the cover art for a few bands after the fact.

Cover Art by Par Olofsson.

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Next, we have a beautiful piece from the Doom Metal band Loss. If the music itself doesn’t bring you into the fold of their latest album “Horizonless”, the cover certainly will. It’s a gorgeous and creative painting in which some sort of celestial titan treats the sky as mere fabric, shaking the stars from their seats in the sky. Of course this all requires willful suspension of disbelief but it’s an undeniable to the eyes.

Cover Art by Adam Burke.

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Finally, “Adorned with bones, Graveyard sings the song of stars…” Last year’s Dominhate record was brought to my attention by our friend and Death Metal guru Tito Vespasiani. This is a great Death Metal unit rooted in Italy. However, the album art for this latest LP “Emissaries of Morning” isn’t rooted at all! If anything, it’s levitating in aesthetic glory. Just look for yourself.

Cover Art by Daniele Lupidi.

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